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    Open Page Maker in InDesign


      I have files created in Page Maker 6.0. I just subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign and I am having difficulties opening .pm6 files. I get an error "....may not support file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing...." I had read that .pm6 files could be opened using Indesign. Any ideas??

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          CS6 is the last version of ID capable of opening any sort of Pagemaker file. You can download it as part of your subscription package.

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            Doc Maik Level 4

            It would be so simple to put all Pagemaker related import filters of all ID versions together and make a converter tool. Adobe has never done such and no one knows why...

            I got old Pagemaker 5 documents here, which need to be converted upon request from customers and I can't even do that without opening them first in Pagemaker 7, which is installed in a virtual machine.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Simple? How do you know it would be simple?


              And based on the very small number of people concerned about it, I would

              say it’s not a very high priority item.

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                Doc Maik Level 4

                Because the code is already there. PM7 can import PM5. ID CS6, for example, can import PM7. This is just of chain of import filters.

                And I think that a lot of people would use it. Sure, it has no high priority, because it brings no money.


                People are willing to switch to new software every few years, that's normal. But discontinuing support for older file types has always been a problem. Let's say you worked with Pagemaker for 5 years or longer and you have created hundred's of documents and then you switched to the first Indesign that has appeared. With this, you could surely open even PM5 documents. Now we have CS6/CC, but back them most probably nobody went and converted those hundreds of documents with the old first ID version, but they still exists and have to exist. What now, if you need to open one? See?

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                  cellsbkapp Level 1

                  What is the path to the download link for CS6?

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    You’re forgetting that starting with CC, Adobe completely rebuilt InDesign from the ground up. Millions of lines of code were involved.




                    It’s not like there’s no way to do this. InDesign CS6 is included in CC subscription so there’s no real big problem here.




                    As for upgrading every few years, PM is a dinosaur which was killed off more than 10 years ago.

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                      Doc Maik Level 4

                      I didn't know that Adobe "completely rebuilt" Indesign, so I can't forget it. I don't even use CC, but from what I see, nothing major has changed in ID from CS6 to CC. It was released in 2013, only one year after CS6 was released and you really think in that short time they recoded million lines of code?


                      Yes, Pagemaker is dead, though when searching the Adobe homepage for Pagemaker, you still see the icon and and a link that says "Buy Pagemaker"...

                      But the documents are still there, so as a remainder of PM7, a converter would be nice. ID CS6 can open PM7 files, but can ID CC 2014 still do it?

                      Atm, I'm trying to export a Pagemaker 5 document in Pagemaker 7 to PDF. A pain in the ***! The standard installation of Pagemaker can't do that. Adobe sold broken software. I hope the (still available) Pagemaker updates can help.

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        What makes you think that it was done only after CS6 was released?  It

                        took many, many man-years of labor to rebuild InDesign. Do you think

                        rebuilding on Mac for Cocoa and Windows for 64 bit is done with the push

                        of a button? The interface itself with HiDPI support was a massive



                        Sacrifices get made, and one of them was dropping the PM import filter in

                        CC. But CC subscribers still get CS6 so there’s nothing lost here.


                        As for your problems with PM, that’s not new. PM was never a quality a

                        piece of software. Why do you think Quark took over the market?