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    Proper URL for LinkButton in itemRenderer within datagrid

    csawall Level 1
      I am having problems figuring out the best way to open a URL using the LinkButton function within an itemRenderer under a DataGridColumn. I use a HTTPService to call a PHP script to pull data from a MySQL database. The datagrid fills in properly and all the data is being displayed. The link button works in that it will open a new browser (if I put in a fake URL without my required data).

      Below is an example of my column with the link button and the URL I'm tring to open.

      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Script ID" dataField="scriptid">
      <mx:LinkButton label="{data.scriptid}" click="navigateToURL(new URLRequest(' http://remoteurl/index.php?file=ext&id='data.scriptid), '_blank')"/>

      The error that I get is this:
      The reference to entity "id" must end with the ';' delimiter.

      It's like Flex Builder thinks that the "id" in the URL is a parameter for the control? I tried enclosing the data.scriptid within the single quotes. I also tried putting curly brackets {} around data.scriptid as well.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.