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    Flash Actionscript Layering

      I am making a simple banner and have an image named "Lady." On another layer I have an lightning script which create lines and bends them based on midpoint displacement. These lighting lines work fine but are under the "Lady" layer. If i drop the alpha of the Lady, you can see the lightning, but not when it's at 100%. I want the lightning over the lady.

      My Layers are as so

      Actions (where the lightning is)

      How do I do that?

      I've attached my code here.

      Thanks for any help.
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          scottgroovez Level 1
          A simple solution would be to create an empty movieclip (either by code or placing it on the stage in a layer above the lady layer) at 0,0. Have your lightning code draw in this movieclip.


          Sorry, I didn't evaluate the code thoroughly. Put the point1_mc and point2_mc moviclips in a movieclip. Call it lightning_mc for example and put it in the layer above lady layer

          Change the onEnterFrame function to this: