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    I tried downloading Adoboe Photoshop CC and it says: Installation succeeded but a patch failed. How do I fix this?

    johnny860 Level 1

      Let me explain. I have an HP 2000 series laptop running Windows 7 Home premium with a 500gb hard drive. I currently have Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my computer but I uninstalled it first before downloading the trial of CC. I figured when my 30 day Photoshop CC trial was over I could go back and download CS4 with the CD again. I just wanted to try CC to see how different it was from CS4 and for some reason when I install it gets to 99% and when it finally reaches that 100% the error message comes up "Installation succeeded but patch failed." I have tried to hit the retry button a number of times and each time it still gives me the same error message. I tried restarting my laptop to see if this would fix the issue and it did not. What does this "patch failed" error mean and how do I fix this so I can download my adobe photshop CC trial?