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    New Plugin to sync LR with WordPress: WP/LR Sync

    TigrouMeow Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I have just finished creating a plugin to sync Lightroom with WordPress called WP/LR Sync. I published it on the Adobe Add-ons website yesterday (it is here: https://creative.adobe.com/addons/products/4932#.VG_WWJOUf9g). The download is "free" but this is misleading since the plugin is only usable for free for one week. After that you will need a subscription through the official website: http://apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/.


      This plugin allows the syncing of the metadata (to WordPress' captions, alt. texts, descriptions, titles). To make this possible, I also had to develop a plugin for WordPress. You can get it easily through the WordPress repository and no further configuration needs to be done there (but there is a dashboard that you can enable through Settings -> Media).


      Another important feature is the recognition of photos that were previously uploaded to WordPress. In my case, I really needed that because I have around 3,000 photos on my blog and since my first uploads, I have changed my post-processing style and my watermark. I really wanted to reflect those changes on the website by updating all the photos. With the plugin, you can do this "linking" (associate a photo on WordPress and Lightroom) either manually or automatically. This part was obviously a lot of work but it now works very well!


      I would love to have your comments, your feature (or bug / english correction!) requests, etc. I am pretty open-minded with critics on how I handle the distribution of the plugin, its price, etc. Basically I made my decisions based on what I would be glad to pay for such a plugin. But you probably have a different opinion! Let me know, I am willing to make this plugin awesome and used by all the WordPress users.


      Thanks for reading!



      PS: I am willing to give you this plugin for free if can help me with its distribution, debugging, or any other idea that you can have that could help me.