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    [11/21/2014] Adobe Access DRM Customer Advisory - SEVERE - Chrome 39 Corruption of Adobe Access DRM License Store

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      [ Problem ]

      The Chrome browser version 39 upgrade on Mac OS will cause a corruption to the Adobe Access DRM (Primetime DRM) license stores.  Users of Chrome 39 on Mac OS will not be able to watch Adobe Access DRM protected content if they have previously played protected content, unless they manually reset their DRM license store.  If the end-user does not manually reset their DRM license store, they will see a client-side DRM Error Code 3321 on every playback attempt.


      This problem affects Mac users because Chrome will automatically update to a 64bit version of the browser.  Windows users will  not see this problem unless they opt-in for an upgrade to 64bit.


      [ Workaround ]

      Reset the Adobe Access DRM license store as per https://forums.adobe.com/thread/700107


      [ Permanent Fix ]

      Adobe will update the next version of Flash Player (December 2014) to accommodate this Chrome 39 upgrade scenario.  Google and Microsoft will also integrate this new Flash Player into Chrome and Internet Explorer at their earliest convenience.


      [ Background ]

      Prior to Chrome 39, Chrome on Mac OS was using 32bit architecture.  Chrome 39 enabled 64bit functionality, and MacOS will automatically upgrade Chrome 32bit to the 64bit version, which causes corruption to the Adobe Access DRM license store.  As a result of this breaking change from Google. To mitigate this type of failure in the future, Adobe will do pre-emptive testing of Google’s upcoming dev-channel builds to ensure backwards-compatibility with Adobe Access DRM.