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    Why not update Tutorials before new Releases?


      Why not update the Tutorials before new releases?


      As a newcomer to Dreamweaver, downloading the practice files as advised and despite trying to follow the Tutorial for Bayside Beat, each and every step had a completely different Interface, Menu or Cursor Point for what should be a simple step by step guide!


      The guide is pointless to anyone downloading the latest version of Dreamweaver to use for the first time in relation to the Tutorial that accompanies it. Despite the answers provided to questions from other members, the differences are not as plain and easy as the responses provided to newcomers of Dreamweaver.

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          I agree that they should have updated the tutorial to match the new updates.  But the differences weren't that bad that you couldn't do the tutorial.  I was able to figure my way through the tutorial but instead of completing it in 45min.  It took me 4hours.  I will list some of the differences that I saw in the interface:

          - Title box moved down to the bottom of the property inspector

          - Live and Design key are one instead of two separate buttons

          - There were no expanded or compact view for the CSS design box (if there is one, let me know because I didn't find it)

          - Changing the list-style-type property is under Text not Others (This is when you remove the bullets from the navigation bar)

          - The tutorial where you have to remove the blue after you floated the two columns, there are no selection for Left, you have to manually input it in. Example: Select Footer, under Other select Clear and the box next to it type in Left.


          I found that it was pretty helpful to print off the extended version of this tutorial in text.  It goes over more things in depth and cover other design elements that wasn't in the videos.  Here's the link: Learn Dreamweaver | Adobe Developer Connection

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            Karl Summers

            I just stumbled across this thread, and I am also experiencing similar problems as the OP. I was following the tutorials, TO THE LETTER, and I became very frustrated that neither his Dreamweaver version, nor the name of his folder, (ie: he called the folder "getting started"...but the downloaded folder said "starting dreamweaver)...matched mine. I am going to check out those changes you mentioned and give it another go. Will check back if it works.

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              Karl Summers Level 1

              Ah, it works! Thanks, gfychu!