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    Creating two-level dvd menu with Elements 9




      I am trying to burn a DVD (and later on Blu-Ray) using PRE 9. I can burn using a provided menu-template.

      However, I would like to create a two (or multi) level menu for the disk. I would like to make the menu

      look like this:

        1. Play all
        2. Year 1
          • Scene 1A
          • Scene 1B
          • ... ...
          • Main Menu
        3. Year 2
          • Scene 2A
          • Scene 2B
          • ... ...
          • Main Menu
        4. Year 3
        5. ....


      I would like to burn DVD and Blu-ray disks with such menus.

      How can I create such menus using Premier Element 9?




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am not clear on what you mean by a "two level DVD menu".


          Premiere Elements disc menus come as a set of main menu and scene menus. But, it is possible to have the menu situation present with one main menu.


          Apparently you want to have a Timeline of multiple movies, have the viewer select the one to watch first, and then, at the end of the movie selected, have the viewer taken back to the main menu. That all can be accomplished for DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with the placement of stop marker at the end of each Timeline movie (except the last one). Each movie could have a scene marker at its beginning which will trace to a scene button in the scene selection page. But, there is a sacrifice in doing this. This scenario does not permit for a functional "Play All".



          In addition, the above is not applicable to AVCHD format on DVD disc or Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc (with stop markers) because the players for those discs do not support stop markers.


          Please review the above and then we can discuss the matter further.


          Thank you.