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    Brush's blending modes ONLY work on one layer at a time (screenshots included)


      I use to be able to change my brush's blending mode to Overlay, paint on a layer, and have the color appear as Overlay on all of the layers below it.

      Now, for an unknown reason, no matter what blending mode I set the brush to, the colors appear as if the blending mode were set to Normal instead of Overlay on all of the layers below. I can ONLY get colors to appear as Overlay on layers below if I change the entire layer to Overlay, but this allows for very limited colors, and is not what I want. 


      I work on Mac OSX with Photoshop CS5, and have already tried both resetting the brush tool then resetting the Preferences all to factory settings, and for kicks n giggles restarting the computer, and it still won't solve the issue. Have no idea what to do, as I haven't even tampered with any settings at all anyways.


      I just want to be able to non-destructively color using a brush set to Overlay on a top layer.


      Here are the screenshots and my process:


      1. I painted two blue dots on "Normal" Layer 1 using the brush blending mode set to "Normal" at 100% opacity.


      2. I changed my color to black, set the brush blending mode to "Overlay," and painted directly on top of the circle on Layer 1:


      fail 1.png



      3. I created a layer above Layer 1 called Layer 2. With the exact same brush settings, I painted on top of the blue dot on Layer 2:


      fail 2.png


      It appears .. well.. just as if I had added black with the brush setting on "Normal."  This can be "fixed" by simply changing Layer 2's blending mode to Overlay, but I want to be able to use multiple blending modes on one layer. I use to be able to, but now it won't let me.  I have even tried opening past files where I did this successfully, but even within those files the brush doesn't work the way it use to.


      I have no idea what to do.


      Thanks in advance!