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    Lightroom Mobile - How to Get the Collection Checkboxes to Show Up in Lightroom on Mac?

    Thunderbrain Media Level 1

      I've just installed Lightroom Mobile on my Mac and my iPhone.


      I read the Lightroom mobile tip under the Help menu that explains that I should click on the boxes beside a collection to get it to sync to Lightroom mobile:


      Mobile Tips.png


      And I've watched the Lightroom Mobile - Setup, Collections and Flags video that describes the same process:


      Video Tutorial.png

      But in Lightroom on my Mac those checkboxes don't appear.


      No Checkboxes.png


      I can confirm that I am logged in to my Adobe ID, which I understand is required. I am subscribed to the Adobe package that include Photoshop and Lightroom.


      So I'm a bit confused. It seems like it's a simple matter. Is there some additional trick that I need perform to get those checkboxes showing up so I can sync with Lightroom Mobile?