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    Camera with Element 3D


      Hi ,


      I am working on a complex scene that i hardly get it to work right ,but I faced a problem during my work time .

      I trying to make a take off scene from a sky scraper using element 3d "Jetsrike , Metropolitan" Packs i orgnaized the building and every thing

      but when I am trying to orbit around the scene with the camera the jet does not stay put in it place and here are some screen captures to describe the situation that I am facing ..

      Any one could inspire me ? how can I orbit arround the scene while still having the jet in it place ?


      More over , I know that after effects is not a 3d application but I really like to work with , It is more flexible and It would be great if adobe create a 3d application.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That would require to know the exact scale settings of the particles and their position values as well as their settings in the E3D editor. Looks like a simple scale issue to me due to to pivot point placement being off. I don't have the Jet Pack and only Metropolitan, so I can't check. Perhaps you can ask on the VC forums...



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            aloooy_10 Level 1

            Well , i missed with the jet scale to fit on the roof and the anchor point  because it was very big to be in that position

            I try to reset some of setting may be you are right .

            #Everything would have been easier if adobe after effects uses real world scales

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              CWS Mac Level 1

              Hey Aloooy,  I think I understand the solution to the issue you are having.

              It looks like you are you using more than one layer of element.

              Your Jet is on an Element layer above the buildings layer and positioning the two can be difficult in Version 1.6

              When Element Version 2 is released, you'll have the ability to add several objects to the same group and accurately position them in the Element 2 viewport.

              Andrew's Element V2 reveal video shows the upcoming feature here: Element 3D V2 First Look! - YouTube


              Here's a video explaining the solution to the issues you're having in version 1.6:

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                aloooy_10 Level 1
                Hello ,

                Thank you for tutorial that was very helpful .

                And I cant wait to element 3d v2 get it out there so we can do better thing with it .