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    activation/deactivation on PSE 12

    Dusty Jo Level 1

      Purchased download of PSE 12 for Wndows Vista in Feb. 2014.  Got it to download.  When attempting to run the program, as soon as I selected a task, I would get a 'run time' error..know that's a registry problem.  Tried uninstall/install several times.  Just recently purchased the actual DV disk for the program..have successfully loaded it but on activation the screen hangs up...windows cog spins, goes nowhere.  As far as I am able to ascertain, I need to probably deactivate the download software serial number or transfer it to this purchase (they are the same number as the download may have been the issue) - download version is NOT on my computer at this time.

      • Do I need to uninstall the DV version,
      • then reinstall the download version,
      • deactivate the serial number in my Adobe account of the download version (if that is possible)
      • and then uninstall that one and reinstall the DV version - hopefully Adobe will recognize my new DV version online?

      I have been online with Adobe so many times (but only Customer Care, as I can never get through to support) and it is so very frustrating. 'Outsourcing' - not Adobe's best idea.

      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, need to get it installed and up and running within 7 days they say.