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    TK Actions Panel Not Showing


      I purchased the TK Actions/Video set from GoodLight.us. It comes with a set of Actions : "TKActions" which have been installed as directed into the CS5 Actions folder. They appear when Actions is opened and appear to function correctly. However, the Panel from the same set will not show in "Extentions"on the CS 5 page and it is supposed to as listed in the directions. It was copied/pasted in Plug-ins/Panel in Cs 5's program files.

      I have updated the flash player since there was mention of Flash in some applications when I searched for help.

      Any ideas?

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            I have the same problem like . I tried install the PS CC (training version) and everything is ok, panel was showed. I have Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 64bit and OS Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64bit.

            I tried re-install my photoshop CS6 but no change.


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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Extension are installed with the extension manager used by each version of Photoshop.  You need to use the correct version of the extension manager for the version of Photoshop you using and you must have the correct extension package, packaged for the version. Each version of Photoshop requires a different package.  Extension that were created with Adobe Configorator created Flash Panels and support for Flash panels was removed from Photoshop in CC 2014. That is why extensions like minibridge do not work in CC 2014

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                Pavel1708 Level 1

                Can I used two version of extension manager? Each for different version of PS?

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                  Pavel1708 Level 1

                  I did un-install all, and install again my PS6 and nothing change. I have version of PS 13.0 and version of extension manager Where do I find the correct version of extension manager for my PS?

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    Do you have the extension package  for Photoshop CS6 you need the extension packaged for the version pf Photoshop you using any its extension manager.  There should be a different package file for each version of Photoshop make sure you have the one you need to use.


                    Also if your CS 6 shows Version 13.0 you do not have its updates installed CS6 is the buggiest release of Photoshop ever unleashed.  You need to update your CS6...

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                      Pavel1708 Level 1

                      Everything is updated now. PS version 13.0.1 and extension manager version (latest for CS6). Panel still not showing I dont know...

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                        vinsolo Level 3

                        There are two versions of the TK  ACTION PANEL. One for CC and before, and one for CC2014.


                        Go to Tony Kuyper's site to get the updates. You can use them simultaneously with appropriate Photoshop versions.



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                          I installed the CS 5 extension manager AdobeExtensionManager5.5All but am lost about what to do next and no help sheds enough light to make it a successful element. Been all over the internet and am frustrated with the lack of success after more than a few hours. Bet I am anongst several here.

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                            file:///Volumes/data%20backer%20%231-7sep2014/RESOURCES-12nov2014/Adobe%20Photoshop%20%20R ESOURCES/ACTIONS-PHOTOSHOP%20BACKUPS%20/TK%20ACTIONS:VIDEOS:PDFs-ALL%20VERSIONS/TK%20actio ns%20%20V3-may2014%20V3/the_tk_panel_video_tutorials%20V3/02%20-%20The%20TK%20Panel%20Tabl e%20of%20Contents.pdf.


                            this may help with the actions panel problem. It is a "pdf" file.



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                              vinsolo Level 3

                              sorry. will try something else.



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                                vinsolo Level 3

                                Tony Kuyper Photography—TKActions panel




                                I have been able to speak with tony by phone and by email. I am certain that he will fix your problem.


                                From tony to me (partial):


                                    I'm writing to let you know that I recently posted a new version of the custom actions panel to create luminosity masks on my website: http://goodlight.us/writing/actionspanelv3/panelv3.html

                                     This update was mandated by Adobe's forthcoming changes to Photoshop CC.  The next revision to PS CC (Photoshop 15), due out in a few weeks, will remove support for Flash-based panels.  The current TK-ACTIONS  and TK_ACTIONS panel use Flash to do their thing and will no longer work in the soon-to-be-released PS CC update.  HTML5 is the new standard for extension panels and is already incorporated into the current version of PS CC.  (Flash will continue to be the standard for Photoshop CS5 and CS6.)  Since I use PS CC and rely on the panel in my own developing workflow, I re-coded the panel using the new HTML5 standard.  This also gave me the opportunity to add some new features to the panel.

                                     [NOTE: The revised panel has been tested in the current version of Photoshop CC (Photoshop 14) and a pre-release version of the next version of Photoshop CC (Photoshop 15) and works in both.  I have a webpage with preliminary information about installing and using the panel in Photoshop 15:  http://goodlight.us/writing/actionspanelv3/Photoshop-CC-new-version-update.html.  I will update this page as necessary.  Please bookmark it as a reference for additional information.]

                                     The new panel is called "TKActions" and the link at the top of this email will tell you about it.  Once there you can download the PDF instructions that tell how the panel works and also watch some videos about it at the bottom of the page.  I'm particularly excited about the vids, which were produced by Sean Bagshaw.  I know the panel seems a bit overwhelming at first, so Sean's visual walk-through and practical demonstrations will go a long way towards making people proficient at using it.  Sean has an amazing ability to help students understand even complicated processes, and even though the panel isn't all that complex, I think it is going to be an even more useful tool for many photographers once they watch him use it in the videos.

                                     Some of the new things in this version of the panel include:

                                1)  A new two-tab layout for improved efficiency

                                2)  Color-coded sections

                                3)  "View" buttons to provide a visual overlay of which pixels are actually selected

                                4)  Zone masks that focus adjustments to very narrow tonal ranges

                                5)  Web-sharpening actions for vertical and horizontal dimensions and for high-definition dimensions

                                6)  Several new buttons to correspond to some techniques discussed in recent blog posts.

                                7)  One-click live selections (instead of Ctrl/Cmd-clicking a mask)

                                8)  New buttons for creating adjustment layers and changing blending modes

                                9)  Simplified subtracted mask generation

                                10)  "Progressive actions" for experimenting with many different options

                                     There are actually two versions of the panel in the download, one that works in Photoshop CC (HTML5 version) and one that works in Photoshop CS5/CS6 (Flash version).  So even if you haven't converted to Photoshop CC, the Flash version still provides access to the improved functions for Photoshop CS5/CS6.  Both versions are included in the download.



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                                  Hi, did anyone eventually solve this problem? Could you write how?

                                  I've got the same issue now and don't really know what to do...



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                                    AnthonyK Level 1

                                    I've been working to solve this problem with another customer.  He was trying to in stall the CS6 version of the TKActions-version 3 panel on a Windows 7 computer.  His panel would open in PS CS6, but it was blank (not buttons or color), like what is shown in 's second image.


                                    Digging into this "TKActions" installation folder that he had installed correctly on his harddrive, we found that he was missing two files:


                                    TKActions > content >TKActions.assets > bundles >PHSP-12 > PHSP12Bundle.swf_

                                    TKActions > content> TKActions.assets > Locales > en_US > dictionary.xml


                                    I reactivated his download link and the customer got it to work.  He noted the following:


                                    The issue was the unzip process (Windows Exctract function) of tk-tutorials-and-actions--complete-v3.zip download folder. If I did unzip in in my download folder the files (listed above) were lost. If I do unzip in the root of my external drive, they are NOT lost and the panel works.


                                    So unzipping the tk-tutorials-and-actions--complete-v3.zip download outside the computer's download folder is what this customer said worked for him.  In any case, if you get a blank panel, check to see if the files listed above are missing.  If they are, let me know.  I'll reactivate your download link and we'll go from there.