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    Opening pdf's

      Greetings, I am new to Director and would like to include pdf files on a CD I am creating. I will use my export my director project to a projector. I would like to link to these pdf's from a page within my training package and have them open. I could use a little direction on how to make this happen.

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          You need to get the Impressario xtra from INM ( http://www.inm.com/products/impressario/) - this will let you integrate PDFs within your project with various options. Otherwise, as far as I know, you can only launch PDFs from a Director movie externally.

          Good luck!

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            You can use INM's Impressario or PDF Xtras... Impressario does not require
            Adobe Acrobat Reader where their PDF Xtra is reliant on Acrobat Reader. Both
            of these products allow you to view a PDF document within your
            projector/shockwave. You can open outside of your projector utilizing basic
            open lingo (or recommend Buddy API)

            (Another option is to convert to Flash paper and insert as a SWF).

            Michael Hamstra
            Adobe Community Expert

            INM's Impressario or PDF Xtras

            Buddy API (2 functions Free)

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              SafariTECH Level 1
              Another way is to include the runtime portion of Adobe Reader on the CD then use the OPEN / WITH command telling the computer to open [this pdf] with [this program] using the exact file path for each.

              "the MoviePath" will always equal the projector path, so then you just adjust that path to match the location of the reader and the file.

              This method is a little more gritty and the first time it is used on a users computer it will be slower due to the need to approve the EULA, but it is a cheap alternative to buying other Xtras ... especially if all you want to do is allow end users to read them and not generate or manipulate them.

              Many people have Adobe reader (or equivalent) installed already, so you could also use BuddyAPI (free for 2 commands) plus, coupled with the above suggestion, to determine if they already have a reader installed or not. If they do then have the PDF open in their already installed program ... if not have it open using the runtime on your own CD.

              We have used this method for years to open and read PDF files.

              *** If you want to actually generate or alter PDF files, or show the PDF files actually on the projector stage, then you will need the 3rd party Xtras noted in previous posts.
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                Charles Parcell Level 1
                A trailing note... I would avoid the Flash Paper suggestion. Flash Paper is being discontinued.
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                  You can also use pdfcreatorxtra which is free http://staff.dasdeck.de/valentin/xtras/pdf/
                  not for commercial use I believe
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                    Are you advising against Flashpaper because...

                    A. it's being discontinued (and I won't be able to get technical support),
                    B. because the Flash format is being discontinued, or
                    C. because there is another inexpensive utility that can easily be used by non-technical staff to create Flash documents?

                    Thanks! -Cloy
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                      phil knox Level 1

                      Use Buddy API - as noted you get up to two free commands per created projector - so if you're just using it to open PDFs then you don't need anything more. One command to check for a registered pdf application and one to open the pdf.

                      For example - a simple frame script (using Buddy API) - note this is for PCs not checked on Macs...!

                      on exitFrame me
                      pptcheck = baFindApp( "ppt" )
                      if pptcheck = "" then play "no_ppt"
                      else go to the frame +1


                      This checks to see if an application exists to run files of pdf type and continues if TRUE or sends you to an error screen, frame label "no_ppt" if FALSE

                      Then, a simple
                      OK = baOpenFile( the pathName & "\documents\doc_name.pdf" , "maximised" )

                      attached to a button or other script. The inclusion of the pathName keeps the directory path locked to the same location as the runtime file, with the pdf documents in a furhter "document" level.

                      Hope this helps.

                      Don't forget to add Buddy API in as an extra to your movie (Modify >Movie>Extras>add)

                      RE: Flashpaper -advise against - because it's rubbish!! I hate reading any documents published in it...


                      PS please someone reply to my DVD question earlier in the forum!