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    Isolate lips--what face paint color should I use for best green screen keying effect?

    Jeffrey Trenton Level 1

      Hello there!  I am using Elements 11.


      It sounds like I answered my question in my question.  Green, right?  But , face paint doesn't have the reflective, glossy quality that a true green screen would have.  Does that change anything?  Should I look for green face paint or would another color work better in this context? 


      Again, I'd like to isolate the lips of my subject.  The shot will be a close-up, framed to where it only includes lips, chin and nose.  Let me know if it'll help to provide a screenshot.


      One more question...  Once I've removed the background and isolated the lips, is it possible to move them around the frame discretely?  Meaning, they appear here in bottom center and then suddenly appear in upper left corner? 


      Thanks for your time!