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    Possible from CS 3 to CS 5


      Hi, I wonder if it is possible to upgrade from Photoshop CS3 to CS5 (using a PS CS5 upgrade)?



      If this copy is legit and my friend has a legit copy of CS 3.  I know it is within the 3 gen version rule of Adobe.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Adobe has long stopped selling CS5 in any form and unless this is some unopened boxed version that has been catching dust in a sheep shed somewhere in the Arizona desert, it is extremely unlikely that it is a valid package and you won't see any support for it nor will you be able to activate it. That and of course whoever might be selling you his upgrade package would have to give you all his previous qualifying versions and transfer the license fully, anyway, making it an utterly moot point whether you actually  have CS3 or not. So if you want an hones opinion: This is fishy I'd simply stay away from it for a million reasons.



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            vanguy_123 Level 1

            well, it is sealed and it said 64 bit on it according to the listing on eBay.  My friend don't want to pay the price of CS6 or Creative Cloud.  That's why she want PS CS5.  Do you think the listing on ebay is legit?  thanks