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    PDF Form: Allow customer to enter name & address in a Printable letter

    big_smile Level 1

      I'm creating a letter which people can:

      -Download as a PDF from my website

      -Open in a PDF application and enter their name and address

      -Print off the letter with the name and address (that they entered above) in it.


      I'm assuming InDesign CS6 is the best tool for this as it has controls for creating interactive PDF forms.


      I have created a text box for the user to enter their name and address. I have then gone to Window > Interactive > Buttons and form, clicked on the box and assigned it the following values:


      -Type: Textfield

      -Event: Onfocus (PDF)

      PDF Options: Printable, Required, Multi Line, scrollable


      I then export my PDF making sure to set "interactive Elements" to "include appearance".


      When I click on the text box area, in Mac Preview or Acrobat, nothing happens.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks for any help.