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    Duplicates NEFs extracted from D750 DNGs?

    Adobetopfan1 Level 1

      Before LR5.7 came out, I embedded the original NEFs into the DNGs during conversion.


      Now that LR5.7 properly supports D750 NEFs, I attempted to use the latest DNG Converter v8.7 to extract the original NEFs from the DNGs, so I can re-import the NEFs using LR and delete the DNGs to save space.


      The DNG converter did the conversions but I notice in the destination folder, many duplicates NEFs were created in this format:



















      I can't tell the differences between the first converted file Nikon01.NEF and the subsequent duplicates, so I deleted the duplicates. But is there something wrong? Could these files be corrupted somehow?


      Initially I thought these duplicates were caused by the edits that I have done to the images, but I've confirmed that no edits or changes were made to these DNG files in LR, so what would DNG Converter extract multiple times of the same file? Bug?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please provide a specific example with file names and the results of running ONE extract raw operation with the DNG Converter 8.7.  For example run the DNG Converter on the three files Nikon01.dng, Nikon02.dng, Nikon03.dng, and tell us what NEFs you get from this, and their sizes in bytes.


          If the multiple extractions continue to be an issue with this controlled example, then please zip up the offending DNGs and upload that zip to http://www.dropbox.com/ and post a link to the zip, here, for others to try.


          From your posted results, it could just be that you ran the Extract 6 times on the same set of files thinking you were only doing one but you were doing the entire folder multiple times, or it could be that you’ve renamed the DNGs multiple times since creating them so the extract is using an internal name for the raw not the base name of the DNG for its name and that generates collisions and renames and the files you see aren’t all the same even if they just differ by the numeric suffix.


          Of course there could be some sort of bug where the 01, 02 original file suffixes are confusing the extraction operating making it think there are multiple copies of the NEF already existing where there aren’t.

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            Adobetopfan1 Level 1

            Hi ssprengel thanks for your reply. To address the possibilities you brought up:


            1) I wasn't that drunk to run the "Extract" 6 times   After the duplicates occur in the first folder, I made sure a fresh folder of files did not contain any extracted files, still the same duplicates happen.


            2) No, I also did not rename the DNGs once, let alone multiple times.


            I was so frustrated that I ended up deleting all the thousands of duplicates manually by using Finder, and now only the original NEFs are left. If I ever had to use the DNG converter again in my life (let's hope I won't ever have to), I'll make sure I save them for uploads/diagnosis