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    Lightroom 5.7 import from Aperture looks incomplete, "place" for pictures shows, but picture itself missing from view

    KB8WFH Level 1

      I just used the Plugin import feature with Lightroom 5.7 to start importing my old Apple Aperture libraries. It says it completed, but whenI look at the Lightroom catalog, there are tons of gray windows showing a picture reference, but no image shows up in the filmstrip below, or in the library or development windows. It does not appear to be generating any thumbnails or previews and it has been completed since midnight, so any thumbnails or previews in needed to generate should have been done by now anyway. See image below. Any idea what is going on here?


      The images are stored on a NAS storage drive, while the catalog is being stored on an internal Firewire drive, since #1 Lightroom can not store a catalog on a network drive for some reason and #2 the number of images I have in Aperture libraries is too large to store on my external drives. So they have to be separated. Any idea what is going on here?