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    Migrating from a old to a new computer

    Handsome Bruce

      Last Monday I received delivery of my new Mac Pro. When I migrated my applications from the older computer to the new one the Adobe applications insisted that they were trial applications and that I needed to purchase new licenses. I have Photoshop CS six, Lightroom for an audition CS six. All of them are insisting that the "trial. Has expired" and that I needed to purchase new licenses. But all of those applications were fully paid for and I do not want to lose them, particularly with the new "rental" fee arrangement as opposed to the perpetual licensing. I have attempted to use the chat feature but when I type out a comment and press send a message, nothing happens and it does not go through. Further, none of the features on the website regarding the products or purchase of them seem to work. When I press or click something the screen goes to white and nothing happens.

      My main concern though is trying to get my existing applications to work on the new computer. Anybody have any suggestions?@