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    Working with multiple text frames, catalog


      I  have recently embarked on designing a catalog for my small business. I tried Data Merge but found it did not offer me enough flexibility in design to use. Other options like easycatalog are out of my budget, so my strategy has been to use a template text object and input data as I go along--a bit time consuming, but I can format each product exactly how I want it. The issue I've run into is going back and editing. As the document is now, I have 2 columns per page filled with individual text frames for each product, as well as individual text headers for each grouping of products. I would like to connect them all so that they move and flow in alignment with one another if I go back and edit. (i.e. If I want to add a new product in between two existing products, the whole document adjusts and formats.) This is sort of like text threading, but with independent objects. Thanks for you help. J