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    LIghtroom 5.7 Freeze and not answering MAC OS/X  10.9.5

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      After installing lightroom 5.7 I get some performances issues. Lightroom is using a lot of memory," free memory available" is decreasing even I am doing nothing.

      In  all modules, when I want to go from on image to an other, there are freeze every 5 or 6 images. 1/1 preview are build and never deleted.

      My system is a Macbook pro 8 giga RAM, 500Giga fast disk running MAC OS/X  10.9.5, only one application is running Lightroom 5.7

      my library is a small one  21,000 images in RAW format


      You can see the message in red sorry it is in French "Lightroom (ne réponds pas) "   Lightroom not answering. During the time you can see the message, Lightroom is frozen, then all previous click and actions are made in a short time.

      Each time I am going from one image to an other in all modules , the free memory available is going down and never be cleaned by Lightroom (Memory leak?)



      cap 2014-11-22 à 18.12.56.png


      After 15 minutes, to take a slow look of about 500 images, Lightrrom is using 2,0 Gig memory and free memory available is reaching less than 60Meg, yes about 0 Giga


      cap 2014-11-22 à 18.34.58.png


      If I continue trying to do my job, lightroom can stay in the frozen state during 2 minutes.Then I can do myself a memory clem to get 2.88 GB of free memory, then Lightrrom is returning to 1 Giga real memory usage and return to some normal speed



      Hop this can help developers.