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    Import bone animation using json?

    cropher Level 1

      I'm currently looking at the Spine animation tool. The program can export inverse kinematiks animations as json files.


      Would it be possible to load such an animation into an EA composition? I know that its generally possible to import json files. But would that work in this case?


      Or are there any other ways to animate a charakter using inverse kinematics and to then import it in EA (other than using spritersheet animations)?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Look cool. It guess all you need is try it. However for this, it seems to me that Flash would be better for this kind of animations. If you really want to use EA, you can export spritesheets from Flash and import them in EA. I wish I had time to test that for you but I do not at this time.

          Maybe someone here has tried it and can help you.