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    Serial number LR5 lost




      due to a harddisk issue I recently had to re- install all my programs, including PSE and LR5.

      When asked for my licence key, I realised I haven't written that down for LR5.

      So I went to My Adobe products but suddenly all the products i ever downloaded don't fugure there.

      When checking my mails I found the confirmationmails for LR4, PSE11 and 12 but not for LR5 upgrade which I certainly have ordered and payed for.

      Is there a way to recover that serial number in some way since i really would like to continue using LR5?


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Presumably you’re not a CC Photography Plan subscriber, right, just the standalone LR5 w/o PS.


          If so, then you’ll have to talk to Adobe, directly, probably via Chat to more the Mumbai accented English from the communication.


          To get to the chat function you can go to adobe.com, click menu, then learn & support and Contact Support, then jump through the hoops of specifying your issue is with LR , installing and then click Still Need Help and you should see a Chat selection.  LR doesn’t afford as much free online support as PS, so if you get to a placed where you’re only offered the Community Forums as the option you’ve made selections that indicate you’re having trouble understanding how to use LR which does not have a free support option, rather than trouble installing it, which Adobe does support for free.

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            bitm07 Level 2

            I would contact Adobe, you should have proof and time of payment on the financial statements (Bank, PayPal etc).