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    Shooting Tethered with CamRanger - Lightroom Automatically Advances to Imported photo while editing a different image

    jimfelderokc Level 1

      Love this combination of Lightroom 5 and CamRanger at events. Such as a photo booth type situation. But, when I'm shooting the photos keep coming in as my assistant is printing, cropping, tweaking, etc. on other previously imported images. But the issue is that while you're viewing a photo or printing or whatever, once the new image hits the watch folder and gets imported, you are sent to the imported folder and lose your spot. Imagine you're in the middle of 100 photos and you get sent to the end of the library to the imported folder. Wow that is frustrating to say the least. Especially when you have a line of people waiting in line for their print.


      So, is there a setting? Anyone else have a work-around for this?