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    hey guys i have a DNG question...


      i've been asked to send in a submission to a magazine as  DNG. i have edited the photo in Lightroom and would like to send this version of the photo (cropped, etc.)... is this possible? when I export the photo as a DNG it shows up as the original uncropped photo. thoughts? is this the intent of a DNG? it is a digital negative?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where does it show up as the original uncropped photo?  A DNG is digital negative, not the digital positive that has had work done on it and cut and matted in a frame.


          A DNG should contain the original raw data and the settings you’ve applied in Adobe software.  The embedded preview should be created by LR and be the cropped version, but that is just a preview, the original raw data is still there and your settings can be ignored if the recipient wants to.


          It is also possible to save a JPG or a TIF as a DNG but I doubt that is what the magazine wants.

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            dj_paige Level 10

            Lightroom does not write edits (like cropping) to DNG, by default.


            You have to either turn on the option to write the edits and metadata to XMP automatically, or perform this write manually with Metadata->Write Metadata to Files.