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    Goodbye Adobe...

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      Goodbye Adobe...


      It's been a long and troubled road from the get-go with you.

      Years ago I had a program by Pinnacle called Silver that worked great.

      Then AVID bought it out and shelved the product so that users had no other choice but to purchace AVID, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, Edius or Adobe.


      I though long and hard and have many reasons, which I won't go into here, but decided to go with Premiere, mainly because Ii mostly mimicked my previous program.


      Now as Adobe has "progressed" to CC, things have gotten pretty dicey around here, and I simply don't have the time anymore to be Adobe's Beta-Tester anymore.


      Today's project, of course coming from the dreaded Canon XF305's MXF files, I would unfortunately, naturally expect issues running on version "2014".

      But I'm not even doing that. I'm running on previous version that was working better with my Canon footage.

      Now, my Kona card can't barely keep up with the footage, either playing in slow motion or no sound at all.

      Just to top it off,  I can't import different kinds of footage or sound anymore. Premiere just doesn't know what to do with it.


      So on my Timeline with MXF files, I wanted to add a simple homemade logo.

      I dropped in a 20 second piece of mp3 audio music that I've used hundreds of times before, but now it plays so choppy, it's unusable.


      Next, I tried and put a simple dissolve in between two shots and the video portion is ok, but the audio portion has a big "X", basically saying Dissolve-Not-Possible.

      What's Up With That?


      I'm tired of the almost daily surprises and my family is tired of seeing me walk out of the edit bay, where once was a big smile, is now a dazed and confused look.

      I feel that if I don't do something about this now, that that "Stockholm Syndrome" will start to set in and I'll end up feeling sorry for Adobe and gladly go-down-with-the-ship.


      NO! Not This Time. If I must Beg Borrow and (not) Steel to begin anew. Fresh Start with a new Editing Software System that actually works.

      So I say Good Riddance to an old friend, Adobe.... Maybe we'll meet again sometime in the future. Who Knows...