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      Ok im not sure if this i possible but hopefully it is and someone can very kindly tell me how to do it

      i want to make a kind of e-card where the user types in an artists name into a form.

      i want then to take the name of the artist and serach for a song by that artist and bring that song into the flash movie. http://www.pandora.com/ is the site to get these songs.

      i dont think it is possible tho because pandora is a flash file so getting the url maybe hard. alternatevely i could load the actuall site in the background of the flash movie

      Any help would be greately apreciated
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          DZ-015 Level 1
          wow. Big project. I'm not quite sure what it has to do with XML though.

          I guess if an index exists out there where you can pass it an XML file with an artist name (or whatever) and it will return and XML with a path to an mp3 file (or whatever kind of content you need) that would work... but I'm not sure that exists. In the least, whether you write the server side stuff or whether it exists out there already, there is a significant server side component. Remember - flash is only client side.

          But first, let's just ignore that HUGE issue for awhile, and talk about the skills you will need to do this. You will need to know how to build XML data objects. (look up XML and XMLNode data types in flash's help) You will need to know how to load, send, and recieve them... And you will have to know how to load mp3 (or whatever) content into movie clips. Once you can do all this, you will be able to describe your question in more detail, and we will be able to help you better.

          Good luck!!