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    Render Problem, Help!


      Hi, I have a problem with after effects. When I try to render some compositions, after a point it stops rendering at in the status it sais "render failed". Also sometimes i get random errors: 25:241 i think. Sorry but i can't give you the excact text of the error as i don't know how to get it. But the error is not my big problem. The problem is that my render stops from a point and after. Thankfully at that point there is no usefull footage YET (i have made 2.5 secs or so and i render 3). The project is very complex and I have to deal with 300,003fps footage (but its size isn't too big). Also I am using some 3d party plugins: Twixtor, RSMB, Magic Bullet Looks.(If you want more info just tell me).


      Computer Specs:


      CPU: Intel Core i5 4430 (quad core) 3.00GHz (3.2 GHz with boost) (cache soon)

      RAM: 6 GB (I will update it at 8GB soon) DDR3 665 MHz

      Motherboard: Asus H87M-E Socket 1150 (BIOS soon)

      GPU: Asus ATI R5 230 Series (speed soon)

      HDD: 1TB SATA (speed soon)

      Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (Not all updates installed yet)

      After Effects Version:  Adobe After Effects CC 2014 Release Version (I will update it soon)

      (Plugin Versions Soon)


      (Image Soon)


      I have quicktime installed, I am not using OpenGL and Ray-Traced 3D features, and i am not using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessingThe problem occurs only at rendering (I avoid RAM preview anyway.the project complexity and framerate don't allow me to do so).

      The render generarly works in other project but this. I didn't find anything interesting about this project yet. It doesn't seem to happen when it hits a layer or a keyframe or something (I am looking for it all the time).


      The settings are : Best Settings, Custom Quicktime (H.264). I also render 300.003fps footage on 60fps.

      Also I forgot to mention, the program doesn't crash, it just stops rendering and the status sais it failed.


      Please help me, anything is really appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE creates render logs either in the project folder, the program folder or your user's "My Files/Adobe" folder, depending on your configuration. Otherwise - yes, 25 :: 241 is a plug-in error and may be at the heart of it all.



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            DuckHunter Level 1

            Hmm, I couldn't find the excact location of the log to be honest but, I have a screenshot that may be usefull:

            Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (6).png

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              What did you use to create such ad odd frame rate? Three hundred and three one-thousandths frames per second?   That's just plain weird.

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                DuckHunter Level 1

                i didn't record the clips, but I download them. I also want to mention that it is a gaming montage. The reason I don't render them in 60fps before using them is that I want to have excelent motion tracks and be precise when using any type of effect. Actually this clip happens to be at 300fps. Later on I will use some clips with a framerate high as 600fps. I actually made some progress. I started rendering compositions from the top to the bottom of my flowchart (programming debbuging technique), and I found where is the actual problem. I use 2 adjustemnt layer and I applied 3d party external plug-ins to both of them: Magic Bullet Looks (2.5.3), RSMB (4.1.2). Mylenium

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Well then, what's the media container & codec of this odd footage?  You can find out by highlighting the footage in the AE project pane and looking at the info at the top.


                  And unless this game is made by and played on Department of Defense or National Security Agency machines, I'm pretty sure that the original frame rate was NOT 300fps.

                  Oh, it may have been recorded at 300 fps, but the most it could have veen was probably 59.94 frames/sec (aka 60).  Maybe less.

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                    DuckHunter Level 1

                    Sorry for replying that late. The media codec is H.264 (I know you didn't expected to be h.264 codec). There are actually quite a bunch of screen recorders who have the ablity to record on that high framerates. Now what is even more strange is that the game was running on 300fps or more while this footage was recorded. My pc (which ain't that bad) had run this game at 450fps (without recording). I actually managed to solve the problem. What really was the problem was the RSMB. I had it applyied in a adjustment layer. For some reason it caused my render to stop. I aplyied the effect to the whole composition, but I don't get as good results. It'll do though. (Also the RSMB was not updated, and so did my AE). Thanks for help and you can know consider this thread as solved.

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                      DuckHunter Level 1

                      For some reason my forum image shows a woman. I am not.