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    Newbie question. coldFusion w/ Flex 2 tutorial

    Realtoast Level 1

      I am very new to F2 and CF. Fairly proficient at Flash, DW, css, html, etc. I have purchased and worked through a couple really great F2 and CF books. I am able to construct some good basic stuff with either. But am not really finding a tutorial or book that is exclusively committed just to the subject of to using CF with Flex 2. There always seems to be a just a cursory mention, or a brush-by, but not much more than that. I get it: if you got this far, you probably arlready know everything about the two and shouldn't need such.

      If you could point me to a couple good references, I'd be very appreciative. I'm looking for a good step-by-step, just on this subject.
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          Robert S Level 1
          What specifically are you looking to do with both? Flex and CF are somewhat exclusive of one another... I use CF to retrieve data from SQL servers via RemoteObject and print PDF forms from Flex 2 using simple URLRequest calls with post variables. Other than that, CF is no longer my primary coding platform. Flex is poised as a non-refreshing application where CF is a server side scripting language (refreshing required). Thus, the two would not typically be used in the same page. Am I wrong in my thinking? Blasting welcome...

          That being said, I can't have one without the other - Flex would be useless to me without a back-end server...

          The only two sources that I have found so far that really are GREAT! are Flex 2 Essential Training and Flex 2 Beyond the Basics... both By David Gassner (you can find them on Amazon.com). They are expensive as they are DVD training systems @ 99.95 / each... I am buying books as soon as they come off the shelves, but there just aren't very many out there.
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            Realtoast Level 1
            Thank you. You are right on with the direction of your answer.

            Immediately, I am just trying to create a simple method of add/edit/delete records to tables from forms that I could access remotely with Flex 2. I just assumed that CF would be the best method, both being Macradobe products. If I am wrong about that, so be it. Utlimately, I would like to print specific "quotes" relative to specific customers and products to .pdf. This is for my own personal use (as an insurance broker). Not commercial. Nor is anyone paying me to develop this.

            Maybe a better newbie question would be: what would be the preferred method to add/edit/delete records, remotely, from a Flex 2 application for later printing to .pdf based on various selection criteria? I have figured out how to do this on my own stand-alone machine. Now I want to be able to do it remotely from anywhere.

            I'm not looking for instruction from anyone here, just direction to your favorite learning tools so that I can dig in and learn.
            I bought the books you recommended (adding to my own Library of Congress).

            Thanks again!
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              davidmedifit Level 1
              It's a personal choice, but I use CF on the back end to handle my buiness logic, and communicate with the DB. Personally, I find the flex/CF combination to be the fastest option, and most secure. CF is also pretty easy to learn, at a basic level, at least.

              As for your "ho to" question - you would pass the data from Flex to a ColdFusion Component (CFC), and let it do the update to the DB.

              It may take a while to get used to the whole data transfer part, but once you get on a roll, there will be no stopping you.

              Good Luck.

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                cheftimo Level 2
                I haven't bought any books either; there just aren't any out there. But I just learned that Flex Trainiing from the Source is now available and am waiting for it from Amazon (best deal I found).

                If you haven't already, you should try:
                http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/helloworld.html and
                These two got me started and now I'm rippin'.

                Good luck,

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                  Realtoast Level 1
                  Chef, thanks for responding.

                  I am trying to use the tutorials that you suggested, and am running into a problem that I hope you or someone else can help with.

                  Using the New Flex Project wizard, I am unable to get past the 2nd step. There is a warning that says, "The root folder must contain a WEB-INF/flex folder." I have tried and retried the projects, making certain that I am following the instructions.

                  Is this familiar to you? I have even tried uninistall/reinstall cf, just to be certain that I've followed the defaults.

                  Any solution is welcome.

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                    cheftimo Level 2
                    In the ColdFusion Administrator, look in System Properties for your version of CF. It should be 7,0,2,…. If not,

                    Navigate to (your drive, most likely C):\CFusionMX7\wwwroot\WEB-INF\flex. (That Flex folder contains ‘services-config.xml’).

                    If the Flex folder is not there, you have not yet installed the CF Extensions for FlexBuilder, which you need for FB CF projects to work.

                    The FlexBuilder2 installer adds those for you, but I don’t remember if it just does it automatically if you have to check a box somewhere in the installation wizard.

                    Once you have those extensions installed, you will not get the warning you mentioned and the tutorials will work. The extensions were in the past available as a separate download (that’s how I got them), but I’m not sure that is the case anymore. Visit the Macromedia (oooops, Adobe!) web site to find out.
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                      Realtoast Level 1
                      Chef, thanks. Looking around after my last post, I found that I needed v .02, so I went and got that upgrade.

                      Can I risk another question? When installing, I have been using the Server Configuration as my selection as a server (local). Is this okay? Or, should I have elected the J2EE option?

                      Thanks again!
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                        cheftimo Level 2
                        Hello, Sbisa:

                        Remember you are not dealing with an expert here. I think J2EE is for those who have and use that server in their business.

                        I use my local CF server with my Windows IIS (localhost/) rather than the standalone CF server (localhost:8500) – this way I can create my applications in my local machine and upload them to my shared server without making any changes. I started this way when I found out about ColdFusion (version 3 or 4) and the standalone server didn’t exist. But I see that a lot of developers use the standalone – I guess it’s a matter of preference.

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                          davidmedifit Level 1
                          I'd concur with Carlos - it really depends on what you are trying to do. I install CF locally as standalone, and that's because I use it for just local development, and proof-of-concept work.

                          In production, we use J2EE configuration, because we want all of our sites to be partitioned as their own instance - if there is a problem with one instance (overloaded, or memory issues, for example) it won't affect the other instances.