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    Which DVD Burn Software for Blu-ray from Folder

    Ed C Jake Level 1

      Per the recommendation in Steve Grisetti's PrE11 book, I would like to burn to a folder and then to DVD and/or BD-R.  However, based upon the Adware problems with downloading ImgBurn, it does not appear to be the way to go at this time.  I understand using Custom install on their "options", but it appears that even the most knowledgeable people sometimes get caught.


      Therefore, what is the recommended software for burning DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs from a folder (for those that don't have old versions of ImgBurn).  I will purchase software if that is the best route.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1322583 for notes on installing Imgburn WITHOUT any toolbar add-ons

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Please let us know if John's workflow for downloading and installing ImgBurn without carry alongs works for you.


            Obtaining latest versions of some great free programs (MediaInfo and ImgBurn) has proven to be a major nuisance.

            And, I ended up spending hours restoring my browser which had been taken over by an unwanted search engine. Then there is

            the endless going through Control Panel/Installed Programs plucking out a variety of unrelated carry along programs. And, I thought that I was

            being so careful in navigating my way through the pitfalls.


            The older version of ImgBurn that I have been using successly is I downloaded and installed that several years ago. The thought of downloading and installing an older version instead of the latest version does not appear to have worked according to what I have read. Same carry along problem.


            If all else fails, even though it offers more than you probably need, I would probably spend the money and go with a burn software such

            as Nero for taking the VIDEO_TS to DVD. But, read carefully the overview of the programs to make sure that they are going to provide more than producing a "data disc".


            Looking forward to your results.



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              Ed C Jake Level 1

              John and AT


              Thanks for your quick responses.


              John, I have followed your suggestion and read the post in your ImgBurn link.  Have you recently tested the download, per your Oct 2013 link, since the info is about 1 year old. 

              Given all the problems folks have had, I am trying to be very, very cautious.  I would hate to pay Norton to remove the add-ons, etc.

              I'm still wrestling with downloading it, but If you have recently tested the protections, per your link, and I can simultaneously add the protections ImgBurn suggests to prevent loading Opencandy, I may do it.  OR are there other adwares now ALSO buried with ImgBurn?


              In the event I decide to avoid the potential ImgBurn problem, per AT's comment about Nero, how do I know which Nero program to purchase?  Do you know the name?



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I do not endorse any particular program (up for purchase) for the task of taking video files to DVD-VIDEO, AVCHD format, or Blu-ray disc format on disc. Note that I wrote Nero or program like Nero. One of the app of the Nero program is the "Nero Burning Rom".  Use that in your google search. That is the app in a Nero version that you should need for your task. If interested in Nero for this feature, please check out the Nero web page for the versions that have the Burning Rom and the associated price after you have looked at the tryout. The following is a how to for Burning Rom feature



                There are other programs on the market that can accomplish the task. Nero products have a long history of often competing with other programs for the burner, but I have not run into that issue using an OEM version that came with one of my computer burners. All the Burning Rom should be doing is taking your files already in the DVD-VIDEO or BDMV structure to disc, not creating those structures.


                In spite of what you have read, I do not consider Premiere Elements burn to folder to be a "native" approach/route to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc. I see that only as a troubleshooting alternative when the user experiences unsolved Premiere Elements burn to disc issues. Have you run into problems with the Premiere Elements burn to disc - burner not recognized and/or media not present/other?


                Looking forward to learning of further developments.



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                  I always use this DVD creator to burn DVD, it works fairly well, you might check it out.

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                    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

                    Ed C Jake wrote:


                    ......  I will purchase software if that is the best route.



                    Consider Sony's DVD Architect Studio.  http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/dvdastudio 

                    It is about $40.