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    Exported Catalog


      Hi, I have a folder with 700 raw images witch I've edited and exported as a JPEGS for a client. After finishing the job i exported the folder as catalog and moved it to archive drive. Now, When Im launching Lightroom with that catalog

      i don't see the adjustments that I've made to those images.

      somebody know how to fix it?



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          areohbee Level 6

          I don't see how that's possible, the adjustments should be stored in the exported catalog.. - is there something you're not telling us? The files in the exported catalog were the correct raw files, which you had previously adjusted, and are still adjusted in the catalog of origin? - what does it say in edit history in the exported catalog? Perhaps it would help to back up, redo, record actions, and give a step-by-step.. - there is probably a simple explanation, but without knowing exactly what you did, it's hard to say..