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      Who Dropped the ball at ADOBE on this one???

      This is so unprofessional. Your update greyed out the EDIT IN feature for all my PLUGINs as well (and this is reallllly stupid) your own ADOBE PHOTOSHOP?????


      There really better be an easy way to fix this...


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is the Lightroom forum. But what plug-ins are you talking about? And, what program and version are you referring to?


          When I subscribed to the creative cloud and installed Photoshop 2014 CC I had to copy folders from the plug-ins directory in Photoshop CS6 over to the plug-ins directory in Photoshop CC. Once I did that my plug-ins were available and usable.

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            Keith_Reeder Level 4

            One thread on the subject is enough:

            how do you turn the grayed out EDIT IN plugins back on?


            As Jim suggests - more clarity and less histrionics (and stuck-on Caps Lock), please.

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              JohnSalisz Level 1

              Yes, Sorry for the rant... I was right in the middle of a project when I updated to LightRoom to 5.7. I found out that once doing so, I had lost the ability to right click and use the EDIT IN feature... ie: EDIT IN Photoshop CC or Photoshop 2014 CC or any of my NIK plugins.

              I read a link on Adobe's site to fix this:

              "Edit In Photoshop" command missing

              I followed the process for Windows Solution 1 (did not want to jump into the registry)... which says to uninstall PS. So I uninstalled and reinstalled... Still not working... EDIT IN options are still grayed out.


              Any suggestions as how to fix this?  Thanks