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    moving lightroom files to a new pc....with a twist


      I've seen the other questions about this same topic but mine might be slightly different. I was using Lightroom 3 on my old pc and am going to use lightroom 5 on the new one. he old pc was running out of hard drive space and I was desperately trying to make room so that it would just be able to run. In doing that I moved files from the hard drive to external drives and some of the lightroom folders/files may have been  separated from others.


      My questions are.....Do I first attempt (is it even possible?) to get LR3 and all it's files transferred over to the new pc and is there somewhere I can go that will show me which files are supposed to be in which folders (previews, settings, presets etc) and then upgrade to LR4 or should I first install LR4 and then attempt to move stuff over?


      TYIA and sorry if this is confusing.