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    Help with motion text...

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      So for years I just held on to a LIveType template that I made in the old version of FCP and just changed the wording for different projects and dropped it into Premiere Pro projects. But now I've moved to PC and that LiveType template and program are gone. So I need help finding a similar look with Adobe. I don't know AE that much outside of Warp VFX, and I've used Premiere's titler for basic titles here and there and it's nice. But here's what I'm looking to do and maybe someone can help me with it...


      Take a "calligraphy" type font (I've downloaded several) and have it gradually appear from left to right almost as if it were being written.


      In LiveType it sort of dissolved in while the letters were being written and had a bit of movement to it before it settled into place. I'll take anything similar at this point and hopefully there's an easy way to do this...and hopefully within PPro CC 2014.


      Thanks for your help!