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    Slow Swipe experience for Horizontal Scrollbar, in iphone & ipad

    Departure Level 1

      Hi All,

      I put images in a DIV and enabled the Horizontal Scrollbar. The swipe action is too slow/short in iphone and ipad. I was expecting the device to translate scrollbar into a natural swipe behavior. By natural swipe behavior I mean the same sort of swipe experience you get when you scroll a web page vertically on iphone.

      Link to website: www.fieldrecording.info

      The experience is the same for both Chrome & Safari on iPhone. Below is the code related to the main div wrapping all images:

      sym.$("Group").css({ width:$(window).width(), overflow:"auto", overflowY: "hidden", })

      I found some tutorials on Jquery & CSS tricks, but I would like to know if Edge has some built in solutions to solve Swipe/Scroll interactions in a single attempt.