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    timeline trigger code not working with imported symbols


      I have imported a pie chart animation symbol into a new project. Whilst the pie chart animation is working, the number counter that counts from 0-60% has stopped working. The code below was entered into the symbols timeline as a timeline trigger with no effect after it was imported. Any suggestions would be a great


      // insert code here

      /////// timeline trigger ///

      // get elements

              var elementTxt = sym.$("Counter");



      // get timeline symbol duration

             var dur = sym.getDuration();



      // create a tween {from} {to} somevalue using jquery animate

      $({someValue: 0}).animate({someValue: 60}, {

            // match the animate duration property to the length of the timeline animation

                duration: dur,

            // called on every step

                   step: function() {



                               // update the element's text;




      //////////// end timeline trigger /////////////