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    GTX 970 or 780 ti for new video edditing pc?

    quiquell Level 1

      Now GTX 970 and 780 ti have a similar price, nothing makes easy to decide between them.


      How about performance?

      GTX 970 has more VRAM, but a lot less CUDA Cores.


      Which one is better for a fluid video editing? What do you think? I'm really confused and indecisive. I read a lot of problems about compatibility of GTX 970 and Mercury Playback...

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          The 9xx series use far less power and have HDMI 2.0. For the rest, see the bottom of this page: Tweakers Page - What video card to use?


          There are no known compatibility issues with the 9xx series as long as the latest driver is used.

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            quiquell Level 1

            Hi cc_merchant,


            Really there are no compatibility issues with Premiere Pro CC 2014 with latest GTX 9xx series? This is a super good news!!! I really read a lot of problems to activate CUDA on Mercury, and I read a lot problems with encoding, giving results 2 o 3 times slower time encoding than GTX 7xx series.

            Thanks for your shared link and for your fast answer

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              quiquell Level 1

              In the shared link, I found a comment about a GTX 970 user very confused to me.



              There is a fallacy in comparing one of the major performance parameters that have been useful in the past. Memory speed in the table above is no longer of value. I own an EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked ACX ( 04G-P4-0974-KR) and despite the nVidia data above that states a 7 GHz memory clock, the board will only will only run MPE hardware acceleration of 6 GHz memory clock. My unit cannot even be overclocked above this rate. In the past many of my 8 EVGA Graphics cards all could be easily overclocked to 7+ GHz. This is the first time where the advertising is an outright lie. I sure would like to hear from any other uses that find other results.


              I have found the the GTX 970 runs our PPBM benchmark at the same speed as the GTX 770 does.


              it is possible than the GTX 970 runs at same speed, on premiere pro cc, as GTX 770 does?

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                jamesp2 Level 1

                If there is clear-cut proof that higher end Nvidia cards perform many or most GPU-accelerated tasks faster than cheaper ones -- on the same system, of course -- this user has yet to see it.  That proof may exist, or might become apparent only as system specs improve to the point where there are no other bottlenecks.  If anyone knows better, I'd be happy to see the performance data clearly proving that the 970 is faster in PPro than the 770 on a typical system today, to take the current example.


                As for compatibility, can't speak to the latest release of CC, but the release prior to it did have some compatibility issues with some cards, with the Mercury hardware engine turning it off, despite the fact that this PPro version was supposed to accept all GTX cards without user intervention.  The problem was fixable by adding the card to the supported cards list, but I gather the newest version doesn't have that file.  It's not inconceivable that some cards have compatibility issues in the latest version.

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                  atPlay Level 1

                  Is there a list somewhere of the current cards that are supported by Adobe products?  Premiere, AE etc..

                  I have done that "fix" but with each update that file seems to get overwritten so I stopped updating it as it was a pain after awhile.


                  Would be nice if there was one place here that had all these issues with cards so those looking to upgrade their video cards can look at this and make a decision on what to stay away from.  I am currently looking at some variant of GTX 970 but not entirely sure yet.