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    Lightroom on multiple computers + external drive + smart previews




      I use a desktop pc and laptop (both with windows 7 and LR 5.6). I decided that the easiest way to work between the two was to utilize a 2TB external hard drive with all my photos and my LR catalog on it. Having the catalog on the drive made sense to me because the process for keeping catalogs up to date on both computers seems somewhat daunting and leaves a lot of room for operator error.


      I was looking into my import operations and "smart previews" seemed to be a worthwhile endeavor for me since there could be a time where my external drive could be left at home or inconvenient to access and I would like to have the ability to work on my pictures offline. However, my understanding of the smart previews is that they need to be on a local catalog to the computer. If I try to run LR without my external drive attached it wants me to locate it or choose another catalog, which is an obvious problem if I dont have it with me.


      My question is, is there a way to utilize smart previews in the way that I'm currently using LR? and if not, how do I delete the smart previews I've already created?