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    sort by filename broken ?


      I'm sure that I just have some setting screwed up, but I can't get a number of things in the filmstrip area to work correctly.


      1. Sort By Filename, or by added time, or by flag don't seem to work.

      For example, If I sort by flag, I would expect that all the flagged images show up adjacent to each other at either the beginning or end of the filmstrip.

      Similarly, by filename, I would expect alphabetical order.

      The problem is that I did a shoot yesterday where the camera clocks were not synced, which when I sort by capture time, I have a lot of images that are interlaced.


      2. I can't get stacks to show up - not matter what I do, nothing stacks in the filmstrip window.


      This is Lightroom 5.6 and 5.7