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    ACR 8.7

    mikeatyarm Level 1

      Will we be getting camera and lens profiles for the Panasonic LX100, which was included in ACR 8.7



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the LX100 is a mirrorless camera with an LCD or EVF then the camera is applying lens profiles automatically before you see the image, and therefore, Adobe also applies lens profiles automatically.  These are internal profiles that cannot be turned off so they aren’t in the list of external profiles that you can turn on and off.  LR doesn’t yet indicate if internal profiles are being used, but maybe in LR 6?


          Starting with ACR 8.4, I think, Photoshop’s Camera Raw plug-in will show that built-in profiles are being used and what specific things they correct for.   This information is on the lens profile tab then there is a message at the bottom right.

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            mikeatyarm Level 1


            Many thanks.  Found the info (I always open photos in Lightroom)

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The lens profiles are built-in.  The Adobe Standard camera profile is built-in.


              Your x-rite camera profiles will be different than the Adobe Standard to some degree so you’re not wasting your time, unless you find yourself not needing them. 


              I find that the difference between the Adobe camera profiles and the x-rite profiles varies by camera.  My old 450D (six generations old Digital Rebel) had a significant difference between the Adobe Standard and the profiles produced from an x-rite color checker passport; however, my new Canon 7D Mark II shows very little difference.  A few colors here and there but not too much different.