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    Updating files crash - no more information, but need to know what file causes it


      Hello everyone!

      I'm not sure where exactly to look for an answer, so here is what happens.


      My version is RoboHelp


      Documentation department writes help, then it is translated and then I need to compile translated online help. I take translated folders and files (*.htm, *.hhc, and *.hhk) and drop them in an English project. I then open RH, open the project, verify that I see translated files by randomly clicking around. Then I attempt to generate target which is WebHelp. Under Content Categories I change language to correct target and click on Save and Generate. RH goes on with its normal procedure:

      - starting compilation

      - clearing output folder

      - preparing to create WebHelp

      - preparing files for WebHelp

      - Copying file

      - Updating files

      And this is where it crashes.


      I know why it crashes - most likely translators have not added or messed up some tags. What I want to know is where exactly it happens, i.e. what file. If I know the first file or list of files, I can fix them. I just don't know a way how to get a list of such files, or at least the first file. Please help. One may suggest to go back to translators and ask them to make sure all tags are there - this is being done continuously. The problem is that application is so huge (I mean it - huge), that fixes must come from all sides. Please help.


      Thanks a lot,