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    IPTC data, keywords and captions


      I used lightroom 4 for all my tagging/labelling and uploading work at sporting events.


      It has always worked flawlessly and I was very happy with it, however, I just had to reset my laptop due to a harddrive failure so have had to download Lightroom 5 instead.


      I cannot seem to get the IPTC template to attach to the files when I import them.


      I usually setup a preset for the game I am at with some general keywords but most importantly the IPTC data for copyright and payment purposes.


      Today I was not able to get this data to copy to any of the imported files at all and had to do it all manually which is extremely frustrating and time consuming.


      To get the template into lightroom in the first place I used to save the .xmp file in a new folder.  Then I would copy a jpeg image into that same folder and name them the same file.  Then when I import the jpeg into lightroom I could see all the IPTC data and create a new template for each game/event from that.


      Can anyone advise please?!