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    Purchasing vs Support


      when I had a question on purchasing something from adobe, they were on the phone in minutes, but when I need help with the product I have to depend on other users...kinda sucks.  I shouldn't have to subscribe to a paid service to get help on a defective feature.

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I agree with you, however, sometimes the folks on this forum, like ATR, can offer better help than Adobe employees.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Peru Bob


            Many thanks for those very nice comments. We all try to share what works for us and from what we have read to help others move forward

            with their Premiere Elements projects.


            The goal is always to find the key(s) for what works for the user. There may be several paths to that goal represented in a thread.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              We will be glad for the opportunity to be of assistance if you run into a problem with your Premiere Elements projects.

              The answers are in the details, so we ask for a lot of details that we feel relevant so that we can customize a reply.


              The Adobe Support is what it is. The Chat Line is probably your major way to get to Adobe if you can find an active Chat Panel

              for your topic. We can offer some links in that regard. Many of the choices give only Ask the Community and not Chat Panel.


              I have been compiling my Premiere Elements observations in a blog...free, no registration, no ads.....maybe take a look if you have

              the time.



              Please let us know how we can help.


              Thank you.




              Add On...When I first posted the above, I was thinking in terms of current version 13. Typically Adobe supports only the current version (13)/purchased/registered.

              Otherwise your product support is propelled to a Premiere Elements Forum here or elsewhere.

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                tsgtjohnson74 Level 1

                thanks for your replies.  do either of you know if the motion tracking issue has been addressed? I looked through all the threads pertaining to the topic but did not see any answers...

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply.


                  To what Motion Tracking issue are you referring...one in Premiere Elements 13 where the orange frame is not always turning blue when it is approached by the graphics to track something in the image....or a Premiere Elements 10 or 12 issue with the feature?


                  As far as I know, Motion Tracking is as it is. Whether or not a Premiere Elements 13.1 Update will show up in a couple of months for 13 and include fine tuning of  the Motion Tracking feature is guess work.


                  But, I have found that it tends to work "most of the time".


                  What are your specific issues with Motion Tracking...how far do you get before the feature does not work for you?



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                    tsgtjohnson74 Level 1

                    I am having the issue where the box wont turn blue. I have seen several people ask the same question, but I have seen no definitive answers. 

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the clarification.


                      At this time, Premiere Elements 13 Motion Tracking appears to be "what it is". We are not Adobe. Rather user to user. So no way for us

                      to know if this Premiere Elements 13 Motion Tracking feature will be fine tuned in some update for 13 in the months to come.