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    Lightroom desktop won't let me sign in with my correct Adobe ID?


           Last year I bought desktop Lightroom using an Adobe account I had previously created -- call it ABC account.

           Several months ago I signed up for the $9.99 Photo Creative Cloud deal to use Photoshop too. For some reason, I had an awful time downloading and installing the Photoshop. The Adobe tech actually "took over" my computer to finish the installation. Somewhere along the line, a new account got created -- call this one XYZ account. This is my Creative Cloud account.

           Today I downloaded the Lightroom Mobile for my iPad and am trying to synch the photos. BUT, the Lightroom mobile app only works when I sign in using my Creative Cloud account (XYZ).

           But when I try to sign in on my Lightroom desktop, it only wants to use the ABC account. It fills it in automatically. I don't see a way to make it change.

           If I go to the Adobe main site and delete the ABC account, will that mess up my Lightroom desktop?

           Any help would be appreciated.