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    Using Flex with Microsoft Project


      I am absolutely brand new to FLEX. What I saw on the Adobe site was a data chart that could be drilled down to expose additional layers of "contriburory detail" for the master graph.

      What I am wondering is if it is possible to do something similar using Micrsoft Project Data as the basis. MS Project will allow users to save the file as XML. So, all the data should be available in a form understandable to FLEX.

      Here's the tricky part (and I can add more detail if needed). Project will create a summary line (at some level of indentue) and show you a calculated %Complete such as 47%. So, level of indenture 1 I have the major summary tasks of the project at various status of %Complete. I believe FLEX can make some type of bar or pie chart out of that for me. What I want to do is click on a "Level1" indenture and have it expose the Level2 indure that contributes to that 47%. Then drill on one of the Level2's to Level3 .... to Level "n".

      This needs to be accomplished in "stand alone" fashion so the ultimate user can launch a desktop application and tell the application the name of the Microsoft Project XML file. We will not be able to use Client/Server ... client side only with the file located either locally or at least on a network drive.

      Can this be done? Has anyone looked at a MS Project XML schema to see if there is sufficeint information available?

      OK, now the blunt truth. It ain't %Complete that I care about. What I care about is BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, %Complete, and a few other parameters. These are the "Earned Value Fields". If you do not know what they are, don't worry about it just now .... it is really all just time phased data.

      Can anyone give me some advice or an opinion? TIA.