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    New dedicated computer for Premiere Elements 13 help


      I'm in the market for a new laptop or desktop, dedicated to editing videos and photos using Premiere Elements 12, soon to upgrade to version 13.  No plans to use Pro version since Elements meets my needs very well.  I  want to be able to use all tools that are available in Elements for effects, etc. some day when I have time, but right now I'm doing basic editing since time is a factor - lots of videos and lots of pictures to upload to my website and to archive while maintaining high quality.  I'm using a Canon 70D for photos and a Panasonic HC-X920 for videos since I'm a serious amateur. The camcorder is AVCHD, but will convert to MP4 and store a copy right on the camera SD card if I want it to.  I've been reading everything I can find but need to move on and either purchase or build. I am looking for that "sweet spot", where the bang is biggest for the buck.  I'll spend what I need to, but don't want that which I'll never use.  Most of what I know is by reading about ISV certified partners, but those are for the Pro versions.  If there were ISV certified Elements partners, that would be what I'd want.  I've read over the years that Premiere Elements has so much of the functionality of the Pro version, so I would think the same type of heavy duty processors might be in order, especially for AVCHD editing.  I would equip a machine with an SSD for OS and apps and at least one more massive drive for finished product.  If another drive would work best for the input, I'd do that as well.  Raid 0?  Lots of video card questions as well, since the Pro versions are able to use that ram very effectively - does the Elements version do that?  For you experts out there, thanks in advance, because I have a massive headache right now trying to figure this out!!  Configuration, brands, etc., any and all suggestions welcome.  Thanks.