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    Director 10.1 IDE problem

    _eyesonly Level 1
      Well I am finally using director 10.1 only because of the 3d antialiasing feature and I have some major usability issues with the IDE. For one, why is the text size for all of the pallettes so ridiculously small? I mean is that 2 pt text in the object inspector? I find myself wanting to fire up magnify.exe just to be able to debug. Is there a way to globally change the stupid text size in all of the pallettes?

      Or do I need to go back to 8.5 for an IDE that is functional and encapsulate all scriptExectionStyle>10 blocks with an if (the environment.productversion>10) check?
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          Charles Parcell Level 1
          Could you provide a screen shot of the small font. Perhaps a bug or specific issue with your setup.
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            _eyesonly Level 1
            Hi Charles,
            Here are two screenshots to compare what I see in director 8.5 vs 10.1,
            screenshot Dir 8.5
            screenshot Director 10.1

            I know these are kind of small but at least in the Director 8.5 IDE it looks like the smallest font is at least 8 pt, while in 10.1 it looks like around 2pt (compare to the text in the message window). Of chief concern is the text in the Object Inspector/Watcher which is imperative for debugging. Someone suggested making a change to the applicationpath\Configuration\Panels\Director8.txt but I don't see anything that would control the font size there.

            I am using win XP Pro SP2
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              Charles Parcell Level 1
              This is just an out on the limb sort of comment but could it be a setting for your Windows environment? I see that you have altered your Windows appearance by making your menu names italic for example. Perhaps the property that D10 uses to display the text has changed since 8.5 and you have it altered in your settings.

              Like I said, just a guess and first thought.
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                _eyesonly Level 1
                Charles, I did try some fiddling with the windows environment settings including increasing the DPI to 144 pt with no effect. I also went to the Adobe website as I heard that there was a 10.1.1 update, unfortunately the link on the Adobe site still points to http://download.macromedia.com/pub/director/updates/mx2004/win/dir_sw_player_update_en.zi p
                which is a broken link