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    Problem with moving the text box in a crawling title.


      So I have a title on my video that starts at the bottom right and crawls left (with Ease Out set at 60 frames). I need an identical one that starts at the top left and crawls right, so I duplicated the title and changed the duplicate so that it crawls right, and moved the text box from the bottom right to the top left. But when I view the new title in playback, it doesn't crawl. The text doesn't move at all. The original title works fine.


      I tried doing nothing but changing the crawl to right, just to make sure that that wasn't the source of the problem, and it worked fine, so I'm sure it has something to do with me moving the text box. Then I tried moving the text box just a tiny amount and it still worked, but when I moved it slightly more (to the bottom left) it didn't work again. So the problem has something to do with me moving the text box too far.



      Weirdly, it doesn't work even when I create an entirely new title (not a duplicate) and make a new text box at the top left.


      Does anyone know why this happens, and what the solution is? Thanks.