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    Gmail Validation Failing

    GWL83 Level 1

      Hoping there is an answer out here that just hasn't been posted, have searched an exhaustive number of posts like these which did not have the answer or solution.


      When trying to validate my gmail account in the Lightroom Email Account Manager, I keep getting the message "Validation Failed: Failed to establish connection with the outgoing email server.  Please make sure you ave entered the email account and password correctly."


      Please believe that I've checked that my email and PW were typed in correctly 20 times over.  The settings that pop up are...


      SMTP Server: smtp.googlemail.com (Gmail help forum actually says it should be smtp.gmail.com - have tried both to no avail)

      SMTP Port: 465 (Gmail help forum says 587 is also an option if 465 doesn't work - have tried both to no avail)

      Connection Security: SSL/TLS (also tried STARTTLS just for the heck of it, no avail)

      Authentication Method: Password


      I also have gone into Gmail and ensured both POP and IMAP are enabled, I also re-verified my gmail account via the "Unlocking the Captcha" link.

      Here is an instruction page from Gmail - https://support.google.com/mail/troubleshooter/1668960?rd=1#ts=1665018,1665144


      This validation process is really straightforward, really can't figure out what I can do differently here.  Appreciate any assistance.